The Month In Drum & Bass is a monthly podcast designed to keep you up to date with the best Drum & Bass and Jungle releases you can get in a given month, be it on vinyl, CD, digital or otherwise. It can be difficult to keep track of all the new tunes coming out these days with so many formats and distribution methods being used. This podcast will help you to home in on the important beats of each month by including all the unmissable material in an hour long mix.

It will be myself, Code, hosting the show each month. You might have heard of my label Subtle Audio, or you might have heard me Dj’ing on the Jungletrain.net radio station, or equally you might be asking “who the feck is this lad?”. Either way, all you need to know is that I’ve been listening to Drum & Bass / Jungle since 1992 or thereabouts and have been collecting it religiously ever since and want to share some of the great music I hear every month. There’ll be a healthy oldskool influence to the round-ups but nothing is off bounds! Expect a mishmash of breakbeat, tech-step, 2-step, amen, neuro, liquid, drumfunk and atmospheric influenced Jungle and Drum & Bass (or whatever the latest name-drop is each month – haha)



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